Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sending emails to our baby

A couple of weeks ago, or was it months? I don't really know anymore, these days my head is in the clouds and my memory is failing me. Anyways it doesn't matter when exactly this happened but a friend of mine posted this video on her Facebook page about a dad who creates an email account for his daughter and sends emails for her to read when she grows up. It's a Google Chrome commercial and it's a real tearjerker. I thought is was so clever and decided to do the same. I created an email account for our baby girl and my husband and I have been sending her emails every so often. I really hope we can continue this throughout her life. So many times we come up with these great ideas and then we give up on them because we get carried away by the busy lives we live but hopefully that will not be the case. My husband and I will have to keep each other accountable and make sure we are writing to her at least once a month.

I wonder how many other parents started to create accounts for their children after watching this video...

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  1. That's a sweet idea! A more modern version of the love-letter journal idea :)